Carrie underwood engagement ring pics

Carrie Underwood showing Engagement ring

It was mega weekend in July as the popular celebrity weddings took place, As the VIP’s and elites gathered to see four high profile celebrities tie the knot.There is lot to chew for those who ogle at the lavish foods and expensive budgets tickling their narcissistic tendencies, there’s more than enough to go around. A private gathering of only four to a lavish southern plantation affair, the nuptials of Carrie Underwood, Martin Lawrence, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Megan Fox, and Brian Austin Green offered a wide range of celebrity wedding excitement.

carrie Underwood wedding

Carrie Underwood wed Mark Fischer

singer Carrie Underwood and her pro-hockey-playing husband Mark Fisher wed amongst a lavish southern plantation affair when they tied the knot on Saturday at Georgia’s Ritz-Carlton Reynolds Plantation. According to sources, the bride wore a Chantilly laced gown designed especially for her by Monique Lhuillier, who also created the bridesmaids dresses. In order to keep things private, the couple rented out the entire hotel for their 250 guests and were married under a tent to block buzzing helicopters.

Carrie Underwood Wed Mark Fischer

Weekend July Carrie Underwood Wed

The backyard wedding of Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs albeit took place in Hollywood also had southern

MArtin Lawrence Wedding

Martin Lawrence Wed Shamicka Gibbs

influences. The couple reportedly wanted an intimate, family-centered event for their 120 guests. So they arranged two long tables in an x-shape and served family-style portions of fried chicken, crab cakes, and salmon.

Actors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski also got married in a casual outdoor wedding, only theirs was on the shores of Italian hot-spot Lake Como. There’s no word yet on how many guests attended, though their friends and hosts George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis were certainly guests. But it is known that the willowy bride wore a cream chiffon Marchesa gown with a sweetheart neckline and embroidered details.

Fellow actors Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green also got married waterside. But their Hawaiian wedding was attended by only four people! The couple had just their officiant, a Hawaiian kahuna priest, and Green’s 8-year-old son Kassius present as they exchanged vows. Surprisingly, Fox’s Armani Prive chiffon wedding gown had a 16-foot long train – not something I’d recommend for an outdoor wedding, much less a beachside ceremony. The groom and Kassius also wore all-white – check out their wedding photo here.

Megan fox wedding pics

Megan Fox Weds Brian Austin

Hence it was a fantasctic July weekend with four celebrity weddings and no funeral.

Festivities and gaiety of the Christmas holidays certainly make it the most romantic time of the year to get married. The bonus is that you may even get already decorated wedding halls and churches where you can host your guests. Here are some tips to make your Christmas wedding special:

Christmas Wedding

New Winter Christmas Wedding

  • Clear or white Christmas lights wrapped in white tulle give a soft effect.
  • Cover the chords with white ribbon edged with gold to make it look like a decoration too.
  • For a religious touch, you may use Christmas carols for your wedding music and sing as many as you like. Some of the favorite Christmas carols will make your guests sing along loudly too.
  • If you have other wedding colors in mind, you can match you Christmas lights to them.
  • Simple wreaths with white bows edged with gold or silver make great wall decorations.
  • Swags of white silk poinsettias with gold-tipped centers can be used to decorate the walls and tables for the Christmas wedding for a festive but elegant look.
  • Tables covered with net and having centerpieces of a glass bowl filled with Christmas ornaments look quite pretty. You can later give out these ornaments as wedding party favors.
  • Topiaries of any size can be used as table centerpieces.
  • You can decorate your church and wedding hall with lots of romantic and pillar-shaped candles and use ivy and berries for traditional Christmas wedding décor.
  • You can give a candlelight dinner to all your guests or make candle table centerpieces for your Christmas Wedding.
Christmas wedding decoration

Lovely christmas wedding decoration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, your family is gathered

around you, and the church is already decorated. Why not have a Christmas wedding? Here are ideas and tips to have a fantastic Christmas wedding with all the trimmings.

Christmas Wedding Colors

Lovely Christmas wedding candle

Wedding Colors:

Red and green are natural colors for a Christmas wedding – It is likely that your church or reception site will already be decorated in red and green for other events and holiday parties. But don’t feel limited to this palate. Other possibilities, which will work with existing decorations, include:

  • silver and white
  • silver and light blue
  • burgundy, forest green, and gold (as long as the existing decorations aren’t too primary)
  • gold and cream

Now, the practical application is where it can get tricky. If you just find it all to be just too much math, relax. Many websites catering to full bodied women have excellent customer service besides concise sizing charts (this is helpful since many manufacturers have their own sizing systems). A few sites have even adopted virtual models you can create yourself with your own measurements and features. Believe me when I say bathing suit shopping will never be the same with a virtual model doing all the work. Gone are the days of yanking, pulling, untwisting, sweating, elbowing the dressing room walls, and just plain evil lighting.

sexy plus size thongs

sexy plus size thongs

satin plus size lingerie

satin plus size lingerie











So what exactly is the deal with all those X’s, Q’s, and W’s and how do they apply to you? Easiest first…W stands for Woman which in itself implies that you are not in the Junior’s or Misses’ section. Q, of course is for Queen but it is so arbitrarily used (although it generally means it will fit someone weighing between 165 and 285 pounds) that we will ignore it as well. As for the X’s, they stand for extraordinary

Remembering that it’s your fullest curve that will dictate the size you choose, here is a reasonable working chart for clothing. When ordering on-line, it is suggested you take a look at the company’s own sizing chart before you hit ‘send’.


sexy satin lingerie

sexy satin lingerie























                      Size         Bust           Waist         Hip

1X =        14/16       40-42″       34-36″      46-48″

2X =        18/20       44-46″       38-40″      50-52″

3X =        22/24       48-50″       42-44″      54-56″

4X =        26/28       52-54″       46-48″      58-60″  

5X =        30/32       56-58″       50-52″      62-64″

6X =        34/36       60-62″       54-56″      66-68″

Bathing suits and lingerie are a less exact science but if you have found a reliable manufacturer, half of the battle has been won. If you are confident in a 2-piece, it is recommended you find a source specializing in separates for the best fit. Many bra style bikini tops correspond to your real bra size.

                  Size         Bust       Waist       Hips  

blue lace lingerie

blue lace lingerie

1X =          16            42″          33″         42″

2X =          18            44″          35″         44″

3X =          20            46″          37″         46″

4X =          22            48″          39″         48″

5X =          24            50″          41″         50″

6X =          26            52″          43″         52″

For panties you will need that “low waist” number. As a general rule, look at the size on your favorite pair.


                 Size        Low Waist

1X =           8              44-46″

pink plus size lingerie

pink plus size lingerie

2X =           9              48-50″

3X =          10             52-54″

4X =          12             56-58″

5X =          14             60-62″

6X =          16             64-66″

If you aren’t sew-savvy you may want to search the phonebook or your neighborhood for an inexpensive tailor or seamstress. While it does add to your fashion budget, it will be an investment in the long run. You may have a few outfits in your closet right now that haven’t seen the light of day because of a minor fitting issue.






Women in the Petite Plus category (under 5’3″) are very well aware that tailoring is sometimes the only solution. Keep in mind that the Internet has opened up an entirely new universe in which to shop and lots of retailers are realizing that full bodied women would love to shop, too. With advances like Virtual Models, it is becoming apparent that a future where voluptuous women are just as important to designers as those sized 0-12 is just around the corner! In the meantime, arm yourself with your numbers and have a great time shopping!



The overwhelming response that I got from my readers for Plus size dresses had tempted me for some more postings. Most of you are looking for regular, every day lingerie, others who think differently and wants to look more sexy goes for the plus size lingerie to flaunt their assets.

sexy plus size lingerie

sexy plus size lingerie

 Once upon a time in the 70’s and 80’s when the anorexic size zero was considered as sexy and the plus sizes were a kind of taboo for the women of high society, the plus size lingeries for big women were limited to plain-jane bra and underwear.  Today the whole scenario has changed, where men tend to incline more towards big beautiful and voluptuous women, hence the  industry has discovered a whole new market for lingerie. From bras and panties to baby dolls and teddies… from cotton and silk to lace and leather… sexy plus size lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes.

white plus size wedding lingerie

white plus size wedding lingerie



Since shopping for a baby doll in a retail store is embarrassing for most people, many have turned to the Internet. From the privacy of your own home, you can look through dozen of styles and sizes. This includes sheer lingerie, silk lingerie, bridal lingerie and more. Even see through lingerie and thongs, for the more daring ladies out there.
Yes, women’s lingerie has always been very popular, and plus size lingerie is getting more and more popular every day. This means that you are in luck.
Finding the right lingerie is difficult enough, but even more so if you are a plus size woman with lots of lovely curves.
Whether you are a Plus Size Petite or an Empress, queen size sizing can be confusing enough in a store where you can see the garment and even try it on. In cyberspace there are no dressing rooms…but if you are aware of your dimensions you can take much of the guesswork out of the equation and will have better luck finding a true fit.  Keep in mind that your most ample curve is the most important of your numbers.


flirty leather lingerie

flirty leather lingerie




























plus size black leather lingerie

plus size black leather lingerie

Before you start take a look at your current wardrobe. Which items are the best

plus size leather lingerie

plus size leather lingerie

fitting? Which of your pants have the best leg length? What do you feel most comfortable and confident in? You will need to be wearing your most ideal bra when measuring. If you don’t have a measuring tape you can always use a long piece of ribbon or string. Be sure to never pull too tightly. It is always better to have to return something because it is too big rather than too small. If a friend can’t help, consult a mirror to make certain you are holding the string or tape parallel with the ground. For accuracy, measure 2 or 3 times.




Let’s start at the top. When measuring your bust concern yourself with the fullest part of your bosom.

blue plus size lingerie

blue plus size lingerie


sexy plus size lingerie

sexy plus size lingerie


Sexy satin lingerie

Sexy satin lingerie


Wrap the tape or string around yourself, drop your arms, and relax. Make a mark on your string, not a knot (an alternative is to take a blouse that you dearly love the fit of and, measuring 1″ down from the armhole, run your tape straight across to below the other armhole and multiplying that number by 2). Now we move down to the waist. Your ‘natural waist’ can be found by wrapping the string around your waist and bending side to side. For your “low waist” measurement, drop the string 4 to 6 inches down (you’ll need this number for sizing panties, below). For your hips you should be standing with your feet about 6 inches apart. Locate in the mirror or ask your friend to find the fullest part of your hips. It is generally 8″ below your waist. The last measurement you will need, your inseam, can be taken directly from pants you feel are the ideal length. Starting at the hem, follow the inseam up until it meets the crotch seam. Pretty painless so far, eh?

To be continued..

I could not hold back anymore due to the overwhelming response I got from my readers, hence I decided to put some ideas on the plus size wedding dresses for all the sexy, big, beautiful and voluptuous women readers.

The word fit – as it seems with women – never gels with the ones that are full-figured. So there comes the extended shopping hours, prayers, gnashing of the teeth and lastly, whimpers. But daunting, as it might seem, is not the only word that describes the situation; it may also be represented as: Easy. We just made it increase five folds, regarding the plus size wedding dresses.

Sexy big thighs from plus size wedding dresses

Sexy big thighs from plus size wedding dresses

A sexy bbw in a satin wedding dress

A sexy bbw in a satin wedding dress

  1. Body shape: A wedding dress must suit the figure. For the curvy ones, a-line proves the best, since it skims over hips. Full ball-gown skirt shapes for plus size wedding gowns spell disaster, due to an overall roundness they impart. And as for v-necklines, a busty, plus-size woman shall find in them a beautiful contrasting line. But, tea-length gowns are infamous for bringing in that squatter look, so off with the idea.
Lovely black BBW in plus size wedding gown

Lovely black BBW in plus size wedding gown

Sexy plus size woman posing in wedding dress

Sexy plus size woman posing in wedding dress

  1. Where to shop? Large retail chains, designer boutiques and even, small tailor shops. You never know which stone is hiding the emerald.
  1. The feel: Comfort is must and also comes first; if you appear stressed or tugging on it, you shall miss out on all the moving around, talking and dancing.
  1. Tailoring: If nothing works out, then get your plus-size wedding gown tailored or altered. Subtle differences are always big differences.
  1. Break the rules: If a traditional one is not available, get as funky as you can (but not in black). You have a curvaceous body; so flaunt it as much as you can without breaking the boundary of decency.

Hope that makes for a plus-size wedding experience, too.

Beach Wedding Dress

Best Beach wedding dress

If you are planning a beach wedding you definitely have to plan for a special beach wedding dress. Beach weddings are far less informal compared to their church counterparts and hence the wedding gowns also need to match the style. Beach wedding gowns are far less formal and generally do not have a long train. You wouldn’t want that lovely train to drag around in the sand.

You can do away with those formal, flowing full skirts and veils and go for a more casual, frolicking fun style. A beach wedding gown need not be less glamorous but it just has a different style and look to it.

You can choose between, halter necks, strap less or longer sleeves as the style suits you. Go for flowing dresses that will sweep in the wind a bit but remember not to have them too long, you might want to get in to the water after the ceremony is over and the length might get in between.

sexy beach wedding dress

Beach Wedding Dress

Since beach wedding gowns are less formal you do away with the veil completely or you can find a matching style. You can also wear a headgear of flowers or just tuck in one single flower in your loosely tied up hair. In a beach wedding less seems more.

Along with your beach wedding dress make sure to get matching slippers or flip flops. You can search for bridal flip flops online; you’ll get some lovely varieties. A casual slipper or a beautiful flip flop will complete your attire.

In a beach wedding, try to keep your bouquet simple. It will go better with your casual beach wedding dress. Just a few lilies or long stemmed roses tied with a ocean blue satin will look lovely in your hands.

While shopping for that beautiful beach wedding gown, make sure to keep in mind the weather conditions of the wedding destination. A beach wedding can turn out to be a very windy affair, so keep it in mind. Also it might prove chilly too, so make sure your beautiful strap less wedding dress can protect you well.

Though you might find a few nontraditional wedding dresses in the bridal gown boutiques but you can also try checking out any other boutique for that perfect dress. You don’t have any tradition to bog you down so you can just go ahead and pick one in white or some lovely pastel shade that would make you look perfect on your special day.

Beach wedding dresses

Beach Wedding Dresses


Florida is that beautiful place where exotic becomes ordinary, where exquisite becomes the norm of the day. With 18 hundred miles of glistening white beaches you can be sure to find a paradise of your own. Florida with its exquisitely beautiful beaches is on the top of the list of wedding destinations. It is rightly called the wedding destination paradise. There are hundreds of places where you can have your own personal paradise but let us take a look at the top 10 wedding destinations in Florida.

 Anna Maria: Anna Maria is a small island consisting of three cities, namely Anna Maria, Holme Beach and Bradenton Beach. In Anna Maria Island you can live in the days of old Florida. The people there have kept alive the essence of the yesteryears.

Captiva Island: Captiva brings to the mind picturesque white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water and breath taking sunsets. A simply magnificent place to start your life together.

Clearwater Beach: Clearwater beach as the name suggests have got some of the most beautiful beaches in town, and is definitely one of the most popular wedding destinations.

Cocoa Beach: Cocoa Beach stands for beautiful sandy beaches, a great pier for fishing, dancing and lots of dining. The perfect place to laze around and to add the sun and surf to your new life.

<!–[if !supportLists]–>5. <!–[endif]–> Destin Beach: Each and every beach in Florida could actually be your wedding destination from paradise. Destin beach will give you all, from sugar white beaches, water shining as emeralds and warm soothing breezes. This beach is rightly called the “Emerald Coast” in Florida.

Fort Myers: Fort Myers is located on the gold coast of Florida. It has white sandy beaches that overlook the warm gulf waters. It is definitely on top of many brides’ destination wedding plans.

Key West: At this beautiful place you can have your wedding back in the era of 1960s. Old forts, funky buildings, under water weddings you’ll have it all here.

Naples: You could plan your wedding in an awesomely beautiful white gazebo in Naples overlooking the picturesque Gulf of Mexico. This is one of the favorite spot for weddings, as it also lists high on the list of affordable wedding destinations.  

Marco Island: Marco Island is the largest island of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands. It is magical and mystical and has an alluring charm. With its laidback lifestyle, pristine beaches and sparkling waters it can bring about the most romantic of weddings.

Fort Lauderdale: Those who are looking for a little touch of Disney, a dash of fairytale in their wedding, this is the place to be. Every girl dreams of a fairytale wedding and this place makes the dream come true.

With Florida as your wedding destination you can make your very special day a little more special and beautiful.